February 3, 2016

True confessions: pulled pork is my guilty pleasure. In my opinion, it's delicious with, well, pretty much everything. My transition to a nightshade-free life has been made so much more difficult by my cravings for that yummy, tender, slightly sweet pork paired with salad, apples, veggies...the list goes on.

The other day I set out to make a nightshade free "barbeque sauce", using rhubarb instead o...

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"Andrea's treatments helped decrease, and in some cases, completely eliminate my PCOS symptoms. In addition to helping my symptoms, Andrea's treatments also addressed the root problem by working on my hormonal imbalance. Andrea is personable, knowledgeable, kind, and truly passionate about what she does."


Jessica S, patient

"Andrea's knowledge and confidence made me brave enough to explore herbal remedies. I loved getting to know her on a personal level and appreciated her commitment to my care. My diet has completely changed for the better and since she became my healer, I know much more about my body and what it needs to heal and feel good."


Cheri C, patient