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Chinese herbalism has been used for thousands of years with remarkable effect. Herbal formulas are customized to each patient's constitution and symptoms. Herbalism can be used for a variety of internal conditions ranging from the common cold to arthritis and joint pain.


Herbs can be prescribed in a premade pill or tincture form, or a custom formula can be made for you that can be prepared at home.


While acupuncture alone can treat many conditions, very often the combination of acupuncture and herbs can speed up the healing process, and is particularly effective for conditions that resist other forms of treatment, such autoimmune disease, chronic digestive issues, women's health issues, and many other ailments.

Andrea is particularly interested in classical Chinese herbalism and kampo, a Japanese variant of Chinese herbalism. This particular style of diagnosis and prescriptions takes the patient's constitution into account in addition to addressing symptoms. By treating both the root of disease as well as the branch, lasting relief from symptoms is achieved.

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