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Pilates is a total-body system that strives for functional, healthy movement. It is a system that emphasizes muscle balancing, coordination, breathwork, and mindfulness. 


Pilates involves both mat work and equipment-based work, utilizing spring tension and bodyweight in order to develop musculature, stabilize joints, and improve balance.


Andrea first became interested in Pilates following a dance injury in 2004, and completed her teacher training with Balanced Body University in 2010. Pilates is an excellent way both to rehabilitate after an injury or to deepen your current fitness routine with in-depth anatomical knowledge.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique exercise modality that emphasizes



healthy spinal motion, stimulates circulation, and helps to create long, lean, functional muscle. It emphasizes coordinating breathwork with rhythmic movement in order to engender beneficial movement patterns.


Andrea encountered the  GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® while working in the Pilates world and is currently an appretince in the system. She is amazed at how much scope it had to offer in terms of spinal and joint mobility, how much it has changed her body, and the parallels that it had to East Asian medical theory.

Andrea is currently available for Pilates & GYROTONIC® classes at reFORM Pilates & Movement, located at SE 34th and Belmont in Portland, OR. You can schedule an appointment by calling 503.232.3560.

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